Paul (suburbanitespy) wrote in colorprinciples,

Retro, in the sanctity of dogma and doctrine
Bullshit flows through your veins like amphetamine
Gunfire sounds when the vocal heat slips
The violent skys have made them fear their apocalypse
A fist in the face, take your place and stand clear
Entombed in the womb you can smell their fear
And when money passes over the battlefield like bullets
They repeat it like a mantra until the cap fits
And the brokers become breakers under corporate heights
And revolutions are run from business class flights
So we'll jam the cogs on the twelve gauge machine
The hardline socialites run shit behind the scenes
And for all the land owners that think that they're safe
And to all the world bankers who think they can make
We can shut you down in the blink of an eye
How many governors are willing to die
When shit kicked off, where were they then
Deep in the pockets of IBM
How deep are YOUR pockets? Did you pay for the rockets?
Look into my eyes set back deep in their sockets
The world keeps turning day by day
But if you've got the money I'm sure you could pay
With a wink and a nudge or a nod or a cough
To stop the world because you want to get off
But wheres the logic in that, except that you can
We'd all get a kick with that power in our hands
Click click bang another rebel lies
How can you have a voice with a hole in your head
Wake up motherfucker you can sway the vote
But for sleaze in the headlines or an exploding boat
Or they could sneak up behind you and slit your throat
Or inject you with a virus with no antidote
We can hang from a cross and die for our sins
But it won't stop us yearning for material things
No, our souls are as shallow as the pits where we'll die
Like the propaganda we read we're all full of lies
And when you look in my eyes you'll see those I despise
A reflection of me, the suburbanite spy...

Okay, firstly I need to point out that I wrote this when I was fifteen (back when I used to give a fuck), so hopefully I have an excuse for this immature and uninformed piece... I still quite like it though (and don't have the heart to edit it) and as I'm sure the more observant among you have already noticed, its also the poem I lifted my user name from... Anyway, it turns out that I have writers block... Of the thirty or so provisional opening lines I wrote down, not a single one inspired me to write a whole piece... HELP ME!!!!!

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