I n s o m n i a c R a v 3 r (iamknotinsane) wrote in colorprinciples,
I n s o m n i a c R a v 3 r


Is it possible to look into another reality
While sitting around in the living room in mine,
Staring endlessly at my hands,
Hands that fold, shape, and carefully sculpt
Thin pieces of tissue paper,
Fragile as a single snow flake,
Transforming it's ugliness into a magnificent,
Beautiful boat,
Preparing it to sail into the afterlife.

The same folds,
Along the same lines,
On every other sheet,
And there I am,
At my hands,
Dreaming where they are going,
Believing? No, my hands are the ones
That are doing the believing,
As each crease is completed,
It's done,
And I'm there,
Waiting to try and finish.

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