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CONTEST FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST - Deadline August 30th, Winner will be announced on the 1st of Sept.

This month's contest is something that represents Nature. This is a very broad easy subject, so I figured it would be fitting for the first contest! This is a visual art contest: Digital, Painted, Photographed, anything that can acuratley represent the theme. VOTE AT Please do not vote on the comments page, because I'd like for the reseults to be kept secret until they are released. feel free to post as many entries as you'd like!
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"I read the rules, I'm awesome!!"

Name - Dan
Age - 20
Location - Ft. Lewis, Washington
Artistic Ability - Poetry, Photography
Favorite Bands - Heaven Shall Burn, Stonesour, Aveneged Sevenfold, etc.
Favorite TV Shows - Family Guy, Dave Chappelle Show, Around the Horn
Favorite Movies - Magnolia, Equilibrium, Boondock Saints, etc.
Hobbies - Movies, Backpacking, Writing, etc.
Website? don't have one

Please advertize any three places and give the links:

PLease post some pics of yourself, along with one 100x100 for the members section! :)
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cat, kitty kat, kitty, catty

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HOoray! Join us today!
This is going to be a good place to get critques on your art, POems, stories, photography, anything artistic! No one will put you down, and you'll always be accepted!
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