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Color Principles

Art is fun

Color Principles - The Art community
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Original Art by Weng Zi Yang, Altered by me

I am very happy to see that we have some members! I was so hoping people would join!

CONTEST FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST - Deadline August 30th, Winner will be announced on the 1st of Sept.

This month's contest is something that represents Nature. This is a very broad easy subject, so I figured it would be fitting for the first contest! This is a visual art contest: Digital, Painted, Photographed, anything that can acuratley represent the theme. VOTE AT CRUNCHINIT@yahoo.com. Please do not vote on the comments page, because I'd like for the reseults to be kept secret until they are released. feel free to post as many entries as you'd like!

Please read this stuff so I haven't wasted my time :)
I'll know if you read... :)

What we're about :
This is a community for artists of any kind. Post your poems, drawn pictures, photography, songs, your band, comics, ANYTHING that deals with the arts! Here you will get positive feedback on your work, as well as constructive criticism. NO ONE will down you here. If so, they will be banned.

Monthly Contests :
Here, I'll feature Monthly contests. (Example - "This month, post a creative photo of an animal". Person with the most votes, WINS! Vote by sending an email to me at crunchinit@yahoo.com, with subject line "Community Vote". Tell me the LJ user and the contests theme. The person with the most votes is featured on the community info page (here) with their LJ, info about themselves, the winning entry, and a website if they have one. And they get a little award picture that they can put anywhere, like, their LJ, their website, something to that effect.

Rules :
1. DO NOT PUT ANYONE DOWN! You wouldn't want anyone to tell you your art was terrible, would you?
Only positive feedback or constructive criticism is allowed. If your critique of the artwork in question is not constructive, then your post will be deleted.
(Examples :
Constructive - " It would be really cute if you widened the right eye of your character just a little, other than that, it's great!"

NOT CONSTRUCTIVE - "The right eye looks like CRAP!"

2. Don't post anything not related to art of any kind, for example. I don't want to hear about your new boyfriend or some hot guy/girl you met. And please don't advertise for other communities, and please don't rant about unrelated stuff.

3. NO causing drama. I don't want someone to post something that's gonna cause this huge LJ flood/argument

4. NO PRON OR HENTAI! I don't want to see some anime character doing "it", and neither does anyone else.

5. PLEASE don't steal anyone's artwork!!!!

6. In your introduction, please use this layout of questions. Please hide under an LJ cut titled "I read the rules, I'm awesome!" If it doesn't say that I'll know you didn't read the rules and you'll be warned, etc.


Lj cut- "I read the rules, I'm awesome!!"

Name -
Age -
Location -
Artistic Ability -
Favorite Bands -
Favorite TV Shows -
Favorite Movies -
Hobbies -

Please advertize any three places and give the links:

PLease post some pics of yourself, along with one 100x100 for the members section! :)